Hardwired Marine Monitoring Sensors

Hardwired High Water Sensor

The GNT-HWS Hardwired High Water Sensor is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. Includes a mounting bracket for the float switch, which should be installed in the bilge of the vessel, slightly below the factory
installed high water sensor.

Hardwired Accessories for Nav-Tracker 3.0

Water-Resistant Panic Trigger/SOS Button
GNT-3.0-Push Button

IP67 Rated notification push button: Can be used to send an alarm message with the lat/long, speed & heading.
This sensor is popular on jet skis or other PWC that kids may use, or to give clients peace of mind when they are out in their vessel.

Pull Sensor Surface Mount Cleat and Magnet
GDC-EXT-Pull-Magnet Only

Additional surface mount cleat and magnet for the GNT-Pull or the GMM-IP67-Pull. Ideal for applications where a boat owner wants to have a pull sensor cleat installed in multiple locations, such as one cleat on the boat and one on a dock at home, or one on the port side and another on the starboard side of the vessel. If the pull sensor is cut or pulled out of the cleat when the system is armed, it will immediately trigger an event. See page 28 for more information on the GNT-Pull hardwired pull sensor.

NEW GNT-3.0 Hardwired Interface Unit

GOST Nav-Tracker 3.0 Hardwired Interface Unit to support hardwired security & monitoring sensors.

GNT-3.0 Accessory Cable

The GOST Nav-Tracker 3.0 Complete includes 1 GNT-Acc-Cable for security or monitoring sensors. Additional accessory cables may be added to the system if multiple security and monitoring sensors are being utilized.